Innovation 640


The Innovation 640A (21’) is best described as an evolved masterpiece. Sitting proudly atop a Preston Chassis, coupled with a twin axle and an ALKO Suspension System, riding on 235/R15 wheels is an uncompromised van that is built to the exacting standards and offering you a range of choices.

Your café dinette is complimented with CNC machined, dual sided gloss or velvet doors; all fitted with overhead concealed hatch doors. You are spoilt for choice with our wide range of design options including ample storage space and colours to choose from, a full ensuite and most importantly we offer floorplan options allowing you to choose from reversed dinette and kitchenette layouts. Spacious, eye-catching, finetuned and refined by the customers choice, the 640A offers you a versatile caravan. Let your travels begin.